Movement To Music

Movement to Music for 2 Year Olds

Movement to Music for 2 year olds is a specialised and unique class that is offered for students from 18 months and is equally suitable for boys and girls.

The children participate in the class with their parent actively assisting and participating also.  The classes are fun and provide a wonderful chance to share in your child’s experience as they are encouraged to develop and explore their ability to move.

Movement to Music classes helps to develop listening skills, sharing, memory, balance, co-ordination and confidence through engaging in both structured and creative movement.  It develops imagination and creativity in your child and is perfect for the early development stage; 18 months to 2 years.



Lauren Irwin

Assoc.Dip.Arts(Dance Instruction), A.C.D.T.A.,A.A.T.D (Classical)

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